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October 22, 2014

MAFANIKIO SI BAHATI - What 13 Successful People Do Before Going To Bed

Morning routines are important — but bedtime rituals can have a serious impact on your success.

That’s because the very last thing you do before bed affects your mood and energy level the following day, since it often determines how well and how much you sleep.
Knowing that, we decided to find out how the most successful spend their nights before surrendering to sleep.

Turns out some — like President Obama and writer Michael Lewis — are night owls, preferring to work while the rest of the world sleeps; while others —like Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg — know how important sleep is, and force themselves to cool down.

President Barack Obama is a "night owl" and likes to work late.
Unlike Obama's predecessor George W. Bush, who prefers to rise in the early hours, the current president stays up late, reports Carrie Budoff Brown at Politco. He is said to hold conference calls with senior staff as late as 11 p.m. and reads or writes before heading to bed.

In a 2011 interview with Newsweek, Obama calls himself a "night owl" and describes his typical evening:

"Have dinner with the family, hang out with the kids, and put them to bed about 8:30 p.m. And then I'll probably read briefing papers or do paperwork or write stuff until about 11:30 p.m., and then I usually have about a half hour to read before I go to bed ... about midnight, 12:30 a.m. — sometimes a little later."

Obama has also said that if he's home late at night, he'll try to catch "The Daily Show." "I think Jon Stewart's brilliant," Obama tells Rolling Stone.

Inventor Benjamin Franklin asked himself the same self-improvement question every night.In his autobiography, Franklin outlined a schedule that would lead him to "moral perfection." In this ideal schedule, Franklin asked himself the same self-improvement question every night: "What good have I done today?"
He described his other rituals before bed as "put things in their places, supper, music or diversion or conversation, and examination of the day."
Franklin tracked his progress on self-improvement daily.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg turns off her phone at night.Sandberg might work for a tech company, but she knows when to unplug.
 Sandberg tells Jefferson Graham at USAToday that it's "painful," but she turns her phone off at night so that she "won't get woken up."
 "I check my e-mail the first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night," says Sandberg.

Winston Churchill had an evening ritual that included a short nap, bath, and drinks well past midnight.

The British prime minister kept to a similar daily routine no matter what happened. In the book "Daily Rituals: How Artists Work," author Mason Currey recorded Churchill's schedule:

Around 5 p.m., the prime minister would drink a weak whisky and soda before taking a nap for an hour and a half. Churchill said this siesta, or short nap, allowed him to work for 1.5 days every 24 hours. When he woke, he bathed and got ready for dinner.
At 8 p.m., Churchill would eat dinner, which was often followed by drinks and cigars well past midnight.

 Due to his irregular sleep schedule, Churchill was said to hold War Cabinet meetings in his bath.
Stephen King's nightly routine includes washing his hands and making sure all the pillows face a certain way.

Stephen King's nightly routine includes washing his hands and making sure all the pillows face a certain way.
"It’s not any different than a bedtime routine," says King as recorded in Lisa Rogak's book "Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King."

"I brush my teeth, I wash my hands. Why would anybody wash their hands before they go to bed? I don’t know. And the pillows are supposed to be pointed a certain way. The open side of the pillowcase is supposed to be pointed in toward the other side of the bed. I don’t know why."
 Arianna Huffington only reads "real books" before bed.

Sleep advocate Huffington recommends banning iPads, Kindles, laptops, and any other electronics from the bedroom to unwind.
 Instead, she likes to read the old-fashioned way, "real books."

Michael Lewis prefers to write between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Author Robert Boynton asked Lewis about his ideal writing routine, as recorded in the book "The New New Journalism":

"Left to my own devices, with no family, I'd start writing at 7 p.m. and stop at 4 a.m.," says Lewis. "That is the way I used to write. I liked to get ahead of everybody. I'd think to myself, 'I'm starting tomorrow's workday, tonight!' Late nights are wonderfully tranquil. No phone calls, no interruptions. I like the feeling of knowing that nobody is trying to reach me."

Former Googler Keval Desai works at night, so he can concentrate.

Former Googler Keval Desai works at night, so he can concentrate.
Desai, a former Google product director and current partner at InterWest Partners, says that staying up is a habit of his. Desai tells Lydia Dishman at Fast Company that he likes to pick one project per night and doesn't go to bed until the project is done.

"During the day most of my time is spent in meetings with entrepreneurs, and the only time I can find alone to do work that requires some concentration is when the rest of the household is asleep," he says.
 Kate White, former Cosmo editor-in-chief, likes to write while standing up in the kitchen.

As a magazine editor, White preferred to work on her fiction writing in the early morning hours and switch to magazine editing and blogging at night.
"My craziest trick is that I regularly do my work standing up at a rolling butcher block

counter in my kitchen. If I were to work sitting down, I’d fall asleep," White told Dishman at Fast Company. "I know it sounds awful, but I think of it as if I’m tending bar in the evening — a bar of ideas. And I always keep the kitchen TV on so it doesn’t seem too lonely. I drink several espressos at night, which really helps."

Bill Gates reads for an hour before bed, no matter what time he gets home.

The Microsoft billionaire told the Seattle Times: "I read an hour almost every night. It's part of falling asleep."

He enjoys "deeply informative and beautifully written" books (in June he released a list of six books he recommends) and his reading topics range from healthcare to climate change to business and politics.

Gates says he considers himself a very fast reader, despite never taking a speed-reading course.

Vera Wang uses this "peaceful" time to look over materials her staffers send her.
Vera Wang uses this "peaceful" time to look over materials her staffers send her.

"My bedroom is my sanctuary," the fashion designer told Fortune in 2006. "It's like a refuge, and it's where I do a fair amount of designing — at least conceptually if not literally."

She said staffers send her stuff at home, "and I always read it at night — the only time when seven people aren't coming to me at once," Fortune reported.
Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne walks every evening right before bed.

Gascoigne takes a 20-minute walk every evening to allow total disengagement from his work before turning off the lights.

"This is a wind down period, and allows me to evaluate the day’s work, think about the greater challenges, gradually stop thinking about work, and reach a state of tiredness," he writes in a blog post.

Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express, writes down three things he wants to accomplish the next day.

Before retiring for the night, Chenault says he likes to write down the top three things he wants to accomplish the next day. This helps him prioritize first thing the next morning.

September 16, 2014


On the whole, our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: A germ invades successfully and makes you sick. And maybe get deadly diseases like Ebola, etc.

 Is it possible to intervene in this process and make your immune system stronger? What if you improve your diet? Take certain vitamins or herbal preparations? Make other lifestyle changes in the hope of producing a near-perfect immune response?

The answer is YES,

We can boost our IMMUNE SYSTEM the natural and affordable way and prevent ourselves from deadly diseases like EBOLA.

The human immune system is essential for our survival in a world full of potentially dangerous microbes, and serious impairment of even one arm of this system can predispose to severe, even life-threatening, infections.


    1. No Coprostasis, No Colon Cancer, No Ebola
    Waste accumulated in the digestive canal give rises to harmful carcinogenic by-products such as nitrosamines, hydrogen sulfide, etc. The good bacteria in SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber can help eliminate them and prevent coprostasis and colon cancer. 

    2. No Overweight
    With the modern tendency to consume excessive meat/fish and fatty foods while leading a sedentary life style, many people are experiencing coprostasis due to congested intestines without them knowing it. Once waste matter is lodged in the intestinal folds, it cannot be eliminated easily. Being overweight is partly caused by coprostasis. The accumulation of harmful by-products and fats leads to the imbalance of the intestinal microflora or bacteria. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber helps prevent the accumulation of harmful by-products and fat, thereby reducing the possibility of obesity.  

    3. No Constipation
    An overstressed person’s biological functions will suffer leading to a number of health problems, such as gastric problems, hormone imbalance and eventually connstipation. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber helps promote the growth of good bacteria. It produces lactic acid and acetic acid as well as carbonic acid gas which stimulate peristaltic movements of the intestines needed to expel wastes from the intestines thus reducing risks of coprostasis.
    * The good bacteria of Shake Off Phyto Fiber can help eliminate and prevent coprostasis and colon cancer.

    4. Better Complexion
    Excess protein in our daily diet is broken down by harmful bacteria to form ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic by- products. These harmful substances can lead to the outbreak of pimples and acne. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber’s cleansing function works from the insides to the surface of the skin. This brings out the truth in the saying: “Beauty comes from within”.

    5. Normalize Cholesterol Level
    The good bacteria in SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber help convert cholesterol in food to coprostanol, a form which cannot be readily absorbed by the body and then excreted. It helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level by recycling excess cholesterol to hormones.

    Effectiveness of Shake Off Phyto Fiber
            * Fast and effective way to eliminate congested matter, thus preventing coprostasis and colon cancer.
            * Consist of beneficial bacteria: Bifidus, Fecalis and Laclis
            * Each 20g sachet of SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber contains 1 billion (1,000,000,000) Bifidus bacteria
            * Addition of dietary fiber, oat extract and vitamin C
            * Contains completely natural and nourishing ingredients
            * An effective slimming aid

     Shake Off  Phyto Fiber is also effective against acute diarrhea, intestinal infections, hemorrhoids (piles), gastric problems, hypertension, ebola and inflammation of the intestines.


     HEALTH BENEFITS of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll.


 It is very high in RNA and DNA and has been found to protect against the effects of UV radiation.


 Assists red blood cell generation to ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell renewal. It helps to either cool or warm the body and adapt to environmental changes.


Accelerates tissue cell activity and normal re-growth of cells to help the body heal faster.


 This helps maintain optimum blood flow all throughout the body, and regulates blood pressure to healthy levels.


The results are smoother skin, clearer complexion and youthful looks.

  3 MAIN FUNCTIONS of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll.


 Balances acid-alkali levels, and enhances immunity.


Cleanses the digestive system, assists in purifying blood.


Splina is rich in vitamins A, C and E, Zinc, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.

“Splina” Liquid Chlorophyll is RICH with the following nutrients:

Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Protein, Biotin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Chromium,  Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron.


Why do we need Vitamin C?
Everybody needs Vitamin C! From young growing active kids, to people who are over 50 years old. Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant vitamin. It is important in forming collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle, blood vessels and skin. Certain fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli, spinach, berries, and watermelon are rich sources of Vitamin C. The recommended amount of Vitamin C for most people is 60 mg per day. Since our bodies do not make its own Vitamin C, we need at least one serving of fruit daily. To ensure that you get enough Vitamin C every day, we recommend Bubble C! -

 Helps increase the body’s natural collagen production which enhances skin complexion and protects hair from damage. Aids in better iron and nutrient absorption by the body. Regenerates anti-oxidants like Vitamin E thus preventing cancer and heart disease.

Energizes the body by boosting metabolism to aid in slimming. Helps in forming bones, teeth, and muscles, and in repairing blood vessels and connective tissues.

Bubble C is made of natural spray-dried orange juice concentrate so it can boost the immune system to fight colds and infection.

The orange color of Bubble C is enhanced with natural coloring from Carotene, the pigment that gives carrots its bright orange color!

Sweetened by natural fructose. Safe for those with diabetes because it does not raise blood sugar levels.

REFRESH your body with every cool glass of Bubble C!

ENERGIZE your health with real Vitamin C and Calcium goodness!

 BURST into bubbly fun and forward into the exciting day ahead!

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September 5, 2014


Lau watu wote wa BWANA wangekuwa Manabii - We need more Prophets now than before.

Nabii BG Malisa wa Ukombozi Ministry for All Nations.

Kwa mujibu wa Biblia takatifu, Mungu ameweka huduma ama karama zipatazo tano katika kanisa ili kuujenga na kuukamilisha mwili wa Kristo ambazo ni mitume, manabii, wainjilisti, wachungaji na waalimu. (Waefeso 4:11, 1 Wakorintho 12:28)

Huduma zote hizi ni muhimu sana kwa ustawi wa kanisa na katika kutimiza kusudi ama lengo la kuhubiri injili duniani kote na kuwafanya watu wote wawe wanafunzi wa Kristo. Hakuna iliyo kuu kuliko nyingine.

Kanisa linahitaji huduma zote hizi kwa zama na nyakati tofauti tofauti, lakini kwa nyakati tulizo nazo sasa twahitaji huduma ya kinabii zaidi, labda si ajabu kuona hivi sasa watumishi wengi wakaamua huduma au karama zao kuwa ni unabii, ni kimaandiko.

Nabii BG Malisa.

Nyakati tulizo nazo ni nyakati za uhaba wa neno la Mungu, nyakati ambapo tungependa kujua yatakayotukia kabla hayajatukia, tungependa kujua mwisho wa vifungo vyetu, mwisho wa utumwa wetu, kuzijua siri za Mungu.

Maandiko yanasema, “Siri hiyo hawakujulishwa wanadamu katika vizazi vingine; kama walivyofunuliwa mitume wake watakatifu na manabii zamani hizi katika Roho.” Waefeso 3:5,  hii yaonesha kuwa zamani hizi tunahitaji Roho Mtakatifu kuwafunulia watakatifu manabii wa zama zetu.
Nabii BG Malisa katika moja ya ibada za kinabii.

Ikiwa tunataka kujua siri za ufalme wa Mungu, tunahitaji manabii wa kweli, ikiwa tunataka kuthibitika, kufanikiwa, kupona, kushinda maadui zetu tunahitaji neno la kinabii toka kwa Mungu, imeandkiwa “Mwaminini BWANA Mungu wenu, ndivyo mtakavyothibitika; waaminini manabii wake ndivyo mtakavyofanikiwa.” 2 Nyakati 20:20

Katika zama zetu hizi tuna manabii wengi sana, wapo wa uongo kama vile ilivyo kwa huduma zingine na wa ukweli pia, wawezaje kuwatofautisha manabii wa ukweli na wa uongo? Biblia inasema, tutawatambua kwa matunda yao. Kutokana na matunda hayo, dunia inashuudia watu wakifunga safari toka pande za dunia kuja Tanzania kwa Nabii BG Malisa kama ilivyokuwa wakienda Nigeria kwa Nabii TB Joshua kupata ufumbuzi wa yale yanayowasibu kupitia huduma ya kinabii.

Semina ya siku nane ya kuvunja maagano iliyofanyika Jijini Dar es Salaam tarehe 17 -24 Agosti chini ya huduma ya kinabii inayoongozwa na Mtu wa Mungu Nabii BG Malisa, iliyoshuudia watu wakisafiri toka Ujerumani, Marekani, DRC Congo, Kenya n.k wakija kumtafuta Mungu Tegeta, Tanzania imedhiirisha umuhimu wa jicho la Mungu katika kanisa.   
Prophet TB Joshua

Nabii ni jicho la Mungu, ana uwezo wa kuona yale ambayo kwa jicho la kawaida uwezi kuyaona, kuiona kesho, leo, kuona mwisho wa jambo mwanzoni, sawa na neno la Mungu, katika Isaya 42:9 “Tazama, mambo ya kwanza yamekuwa, name nayahubiri mambo mapya; kabla hayajatokea nawapasheni habari zake”

Katika semina hii tumeshuhudia unabii ukitolewa kwa usahihi na watu wengi walifunguliwa papo hapo kwa neno la unabii toka Mtu wa Mungu kama alivyoongozwa na Roho wa Mungu.
Lakini huduma hii, tofauti na huduma nyingine, imekuwa ikikutana na shutuma na laumu nyingi, tena nyingi ya shutuma hizo zinatoka kwa baadhi ya watumishi (Wachungaji, Mitume, Waalimu au Wainjilisti), kana kwamba hii ni huduma mpya kabisa.

Hili halishangazi sana, waliopinga huduma ya Yesu walikuwa ni wakuu wa dini (mafarisayo, makuhani na waandishi), watumishi hao wanasahau kuwa imeandikwa katika Waefeso 4:11, “ Naye alitoa wengine kuwa  mitume, na wengine kuwa manabii, na wengine kuwa wainjilisti na wengine kuwa wachungaji na waalimu”.

Tena imeandikwa, “Na Mungu ameweka wengine katika kanisa, wa kwanza mitume, wa pili manabii, wa tatu waalimu, kisha miujiza, kasha karama za kuponya wagonjwa, na masaidiano, na maongozi ya na aina za lugha.” 1 Wakorintho 12:28
Prophet TB Joshua during service.

Kwa mujibu wa andiko hilo, huduma ya Kinabii ni ya pili baada ya ile ya kitume, kwani imeandikwa kuwa “Hakika Bwana MUNGU hatafanya neno lolote, bila kuwafunulia watumishi wake manabii siri yake.” Amosi 3:7, ni wazi kuwa kanisa la Kristo linahitaji sana huduma hii sasa kuliko wakati mwingine ili Mungu aweze kufanya lolote katika maisha yetu.

Musa alikuwa nabii mkubwa sana wa Mungu, biblia inasema “wala hajainuka tena katika Israel nabii kama Musa, ambaye BWANA alimjua uso kwa uso” Kumbu 34:10, lakini Musa alitamani sana watu wote wa BWANA angewatia Roho wake wawe manabii, yaani wote waliompokea Kristo wawe manabii. (Hesabu 11:29). 

September 1, 2014



Hakika unabii unapotolewa na ufumbuzi unakuwa umepatikana, ndivyo ilivyokuwa pale vidonda vya tumbo vilipopona ghafla kwa kupitia neno la kinabii toka kwa Mtu wa Mungu Nabii BG Malisa.

Kupitia huduma ya kinabii watu wengi wamefunguliwa, waliokuwa wamepooza wametembea tena, waliokuwa na uziwi wakasikia tena, matatizo ya macho yakaisha na aliyekuwa na vidonda vya tumbo.

Katika siku ya kwanza ya semina ya siku 8 za kuvunja maagano Mtu wa Mungu Nabii BG Malisa katikati ya ibada alitoa unabii juu ya jina Esther na kuwa amekuwa anasumbuliwa na vidonda vya tumbo, alitoka dada mmoja na kukiri kuwa anaitwa Esther na kuwa amekuwa tatizo la vidonda vya tumbo kwa muda wa miaka sita sasa.

Mara baada ya unabii huu, Esther alipona papohapo na kuja kuthibitisha uponyaji wake mbele ya kanisa kwa kunywa soda ya coca, anasema hapo kabla asingeweza kunywa soda ya cocacola au yoyote ya gesi kwa muda wa miaka saba, alikatazwa na madaktari, na iwapo angekunywa, angeumwa sana tumbo na kutapika.

 Kesho yake Esther alirudi akiwa mwenye furaha baada ya kwenda hospitali kupima na kuambiwa kuwa hakuwa tena na tatizo la vidonda na kushuhudia kuwa tumbo halijamuuma kabisa.

Kwa shuhuda, ishara, maajabu na miujiza tembelea

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