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July 11, 2014

Je una kisukari, pressure au vidonda vya tumbo?? PATA MLO KAMILI TOKA EDMARK

Watu wengi wanaosumbuliwa na Kisukari, Pressure ama vidonda vya tumbo ukatazwa kula baadhi ya vyakula na madaktari, hii haimaanishi kuwa vyakula wanavyozuiwa kula havina umuhimu kwao, hapa vinakuwa bado vinaumuhimu ila kutokana na hali halisi ya ugonjwa ulazimika kuzuiwa kuvila, iwapo wewe ni mmoja wa watu walioandikiwa na Daktari kuwa usile hiki ama kile mlo huu mbadala utakuwa na faida kubwa sana kwako. 

Ni mlo kamili wenye vitamini, protein na amino acids za kutosha kama zilivyoorozeshwa hapo chini, vile ambavyo umekuwa ukivikosa sasa utavipa hapa, si hivyo tu, matumizi ya muda mrefu ya MRT na bidhaa nyingine za Edmark yamesaidia kuondoa kabisa tatizo la kisukari, pressure na vidonda vya tumbo.  
Edmark MRT Complex or Meal Replacement Therapy is a program to replace your normal meal with a delicious,low calorie and highly soluble nutritional drink .

 It has the complete vitamins, proteins, and energy -releasing amino acids that can help reduce weight safely ,fast and effectively, while avoiding the hunger pangs often associated with dieting .

 This is a program that is designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintenance program.

 As a result of the controlled level of carbohydrates taken over a few days ,the body will experience a shortage of glucose,the most desirable fuel in the body . Our body will begin to turn to glycogen store for energy.Once these stores deplete,it will start to seek alternative fuel.

 Edmark MRT Complex contains moderate carbohydrates and protein; it helps protect lean muscle from being metabolized into energy .Our body will then turn to fat store for emergency supplies and covert these fats to free fatty acids {which are smaller fat molecules} .Our liver will then conver them to ketones. This is effectively known as the mild ketosis stage.

 Edmark MRT Complex is Low calorie. It does not contain any cholesterol and is low in fat. Each sachest of MRT  Complex contains only 83 kcal.

 Edmark MRT Complex has a Balanced Nutrition. Each sachet of Edmark MRT complex contains nutient needed by our body everyday . Hence it promotes normal metabolism to build a healthy body and regulates our physiological functions. It contains essential vitamins and minerals , including vitamins C, E and vitamin B complex and energy releasing amino acids. This ensures adequate nutrients that prevent rapid changes in the heart or blood pressure causing insomnia and nervousness.

 Edmark MRT Complex contains Isolated Soya Protein that is easily digested and absorbed by our body, and helps to lose excessive fat but not muscle.

 Edmark MRT Complex contains Fructose, a natural sweetener that is extracted from fruits and honey that is safe both people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycaemia [ low blood sugar ] .

 EdmarkMRT Complex contains Fat elimination factors such as Lechitin, L-carnitine and Inositol that helps to enhance fat metabolism .

 Edmark MRT Complex contains Edible fiber . Fiber is used to enhance the elimination of waste substances in our body . It gives bulk satisfaction and reduces the hunger pangs. It can prevent constipation, painful piles, colon cancer, and kidney stone. It also lowers cholesterol level .

 Edmark MRT Complex contains Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus plant which sends signals to the hypothalamus of the brain that the stomach is full. Even small amount of food can make the body feel completely nourished and energized .

 Please stop taking drags and  chemicals it is dangerous to your health,and Order your packs now.

Nutritional Values and Benefits
 Here are the nutritional values and benefits found in each serving of Edmark MRT Complex:
 Soya Protein - Protects against heart disease and blood pressure by lowering "bad" cholesterol levels. Moderates hormone levels and reduces menopausal symptoms. Helps combat osteoporosis. Promotes normal prostate functions for men. Reduces incidences of colon, breast and prostate cancer. Helps kidney functions in diabetics.

 Vitamin C - Enhances the absorption of iron. It is needed for buoyant health, vitality and endurance. It ensures a clear skin, a fresh complexion and healthy gums and teeth. This vitamin is also necessary for maintenance of bones and proper functioning of the adrenal and thyroid glands. It promotes a healing and protects against all forms of stress - physical and mental. It also provides protection against the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in the environment, food, and water, and counteracts the toxic effects of drugs.

 Vitamin E - Acts to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which are potentially damaging by-products of energy metabolism. Free radicals can damage cells and may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Vitamin E has also been shown to play a role in immune function, in DNA repair, and other metabolic processes.

 Vitamin B Complex - B complex is a blend of key B vitamins combined with other nutritional factors for enhanced synergism. It is necessary for conversion of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy.

 Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) - Helps in the metabolism of protein and fats. Every cell of the body, including brain cells, uses vitamin B1 as a fuel.

 Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Necessary for normal growth, development, and repair of body tissues, maintenance of red blood cells and healthy hair, nails and skin.

 Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Helps maintain a healthy nervous system, promotes healthy hair, skin and digestive system, and helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

 Vitamin B5 (Panothenic Acid) - Helps in cholesterol metabolism and production of hormones. Known as the "anti-stress" vitamin, vitamin B5 helps prevent aging and wrinkles, helps promote healthy skin and nerves, and supports the proper functioning of adrenal glands.

 Vitamin B6 - Necessary for normal growth and to maintain a healthy nervous system. Additionally, vitamin B6 makes hemoglobin and increases the amount of oxygen carried by the hemoglobin in the blood.

 Vitamin B12 - Necessary for development of red blood cells, and is necessary to maintain a healthy central nervous system. Vitamin B12 also aids in calcium absorption.
 Edible Dietary Fiber - Regulates the bowel, controls glucose levels to prevent colon cancer and lowers blood cholestorol levels to prevent coronary heart disease.

 Lecithin - Decreases the LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase the HDL (good) cholestorol. Lecithin helps prevent fatty infiltration of the liver, aids in the absorption and transportation of the fat-soluble Vitamin A, D, E, and K. It helps prevent gallstones and in some cases, it can aid short-term memory.

 L-Carnitine - Promotes weight loss and gives energy. It is an amino acid for burning fats and from which certain proteins are made. It is synthesized in the liver and kidneys. The body requires L-carnitine for the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the cells.

 Inositol - This is necessary for the formation of lecithin within the body. Helps in the breakdown of fats and reduce blood cholesterol.

Advantages of the Edmark MRT Complex Program
  The fundamental principle of the Edmark MRT Complex program is based on sound nutrition and healthy eating. In addition to taking the Edmark MRT Complex, you would also consume other sources of low-fat meal and/or snacks, depending on your weight management objective. This provides tremendous flexibility in weight management as most people lack tolerance in monotony.

 Safe and Effective
  As Edmark MRT Complex is designed for gradual weight loss via a mild state of ketosis, it helps to protect against the loss of lean muscle while the adequate provision of carbohydrate prevents the metabolic rate from being lowered. It has been proven to be safe, reliable and does not cause any side effects for long-term consumption. The estimated weight loss is 1-2 kg per week.
 Edmark MRT Complex allows flexibility that can be incorporated into your daily routine and lifestyle as it allows the choice of maintaining either a normal business lunch or a family dinner. This flexibility assists you and will motivate you to continue the program for longer periods.
 Edmark MRT Complex is available in drink sachets for easy and tasty preparation anywhere, anytime.
 No Medical Supervision Required
 Other dieting and exercise programs should only be taken after consulting a physician. In contrast, the Edmark MRT Complex program is engineered to be taken without medical monitoring and supervision.
 Lifetime Weight Management Program. Unlike other weight-loss programs, Edmark MRT Complex is nutritionally balanced and can be consumed in the long-term. It can be used as a lifetime weight management program as the weight loss comes from the loss of body fat, unlike the "Yo-Yo Phenomenon."
 As each individual's needs may differ, you can even choose to have your normal meals, as it is a program that allows changes and modification. This enables you to enjoy your lifestyle while maintaining a healthy weight. 


June 27, 2014

Je wajua???

JE WAJUA KUWA UMBALI WA KUMILIKI GARI yako kufikia mpaka Tsh 150Milioni na Nyumba Tsh 660Millioni ni miezi 18 tu?  

Je wajua kuwa kwa mujibu wa Ripoti ya Shirika la Afya duniani (Global Status Report on Noncommunicable Diseases 2012) magonjwa yasiyo ya kuambukiza kama Uzito uliozidi, Kisukari, Magonjwa ya moyo, kiarusi, saratani, shinikizo la damu na matatizo ya upumuaji yanaongoza kwa kusababisha vifo duniani?

Je wajua kuwa magonjwa haya yanayoweza kuzuilika kwa asilimia 80% yanaua watu wengi zaidi duniani kuliko UKIMWI na MALARIA kwa pamoja?

Ripoti ya WHO inaonesha kuwa asilimia 63% ya vifo vyote duniani ama vifo Milioni 36 kati ya vifo Milioni 57 utokana na magonjwa haya yanayoweza kuzulikika kwa asilimia 80%, WHO inakadilia kuwa ifikapo mwaka 2030 vifo hivi vitaongezeka maradufu.
 Tatizo ni kubwa sana, idadi ya watu au familia zinazoathirika na magonjwa haya yabayoweza kuzulika inakua kwa kasi ya ajabu.

Janga hili lisioonekana kwa haraka limekuwa chanzo kikubwa cha umasikini na kikwazo kikubwa kwa maendeleo ya kiuchumi katika taifa kutokana na gharama kubwa za matibabu au vifo kwa nguvu kazi ya taifa.

Habari njema ni kuwa asilimia 80% ya vifo hivi vinaweza kuepukwa kwa kutumia virutubisho asilia kutoka Edmark International.

Katika kila changamoto kuna fursa, katika kila changamoto kubwa kuna fursa kubwa zaidi.

Je wajua kuwa kwa kuingia ubia na Edmark International katika kupambana na janga hili, kwa kusaini mkataba wa kudumu wa kimataifa wa Tsh 400,000/- tu, utaweza kulipwa malipo kufikia asilimia 71%, huku malipo makubwa zaidi yakiwa ni Gari Tsh 154 Milioni na Nyumba Tsh 660 Milioni ndani ya miezi 18 tu?

Kwa maelezo zaidi au ufafanuzi zaidi piga  +255784 475576. 

June 19, 2014


Usahili wa nafasi ya Mkaguzi Msaidizi idara ya Uhamiaji. 


Siku ya (ijumaa trh 13/06/2014) idara ya Uhamiaji ilifanya usaili kwa jumla ya vijana 10,846 ili kupata vijana 70 tu watakaoajiriwa kama Maafisa Uhamiaji wasaidizi. Hii ilikua ni wastani wa 1/156 yaani nafasi moja ya kazi ilishindaniwa na watu 156. Uwezekano wa kupata nafasi kwa vijana waliojitokeza kufanya usaili (probability) ilikua 0.0064.

 Kwa lugha nyingine ni kwamba kila kijana aliyejitokeza kwenye usaili ule uwezekano wa kupata kazi ni asilimia 0.64% na uwezekano wa kukosa ni asilimia 99.36%. Kwa maneno mengine ni kuwa uwezekano wa kupata kazi ni chini ya asilimia moja (possibility is less than 1%). Rekodi hii ni ya kwanza kutokea duniani.

 Kabla ya rekodi hii, nchi iliyokua ikishikilia rekodi ni China. Mwaka jana kiwanda kikubwa zaidi cha nguo duniani kiitwacho China Textile Industry, kilichopo mjini Keqiao, kwenye Kaunti ya Shaoxing jijini Shanghai, kilifanya usaili kwa watu zaidi ya laki moja wakitafuta kuajiri watu 5,000 tu.

 [Kiwanda hiki kina wafanyakazi zaidi ya elfu hamsini na vibarua zaidi ya laki 2 wanaofanya kazi kiwandani hapo kila siku]. Kufanya usaili kwa watu laki moja ili kupata waajiriwa 5,000 inamaanisha uwezekano wa kupata kazi kwa kila mtahiniwa (probability) ilikua 0.05. Kwa lugha nyingine ni kuwa uwezekano wa kupata kazi kwa watahiniwa ulikuwa 5% na uwezekano wa kukosa ulikua 95%. Jumuiya ya kimataifa ililaani kitendo hiki na usaili huu ukaingia kwenye rekodi za dunia kuwa ni usaili wa hovyo zaidi kuwahi kutokea duniani. (The world most ridiculous job interview ever happened). Taarifa zinasema kuwa haikua haki (it was unfair) kumdahili mtu huku uwezekano wa kupata kazi hiyo ukiwa chini ya asilimia 5%. Ilionekana ni uonevu. 

Vyanzo vya habari vilivyopinga usaili huo vinasema, Shirika la kazi duniani (ILO) linapendekeza usaili wa kazi uwape uhakika wa zaidi ya 50% wanaosailiwa.
 Hii ina maana kuwa mtu anayefanyiwa usaili wa kazi anapaswa kuwa na uhakika wa angalau 50% wa kupata kazi wakati anapofanyiwa usaili. Asilimia 50% maana yake ni kuwa idadi ya wasailiwa isizidi mara mbili ya nafasi za kazi zilizopo. Kwa mfano kama nafasi ni 70 unapaswa kufanya usaili kwa watu wasiozidi 140.

 Katika nafasi 70, ukisaili watu 140 maana yake ni kwamba kila aliyeitwa kwenye usaili ana uhakika wa kupata kazi wa 50%. Hivi ndivyo ILO wanavyopendekeza. Yani uhakika uwe 50% au zaidi.

 Na hivi ndivyo mashirika mengi ya kimataifa yanavyofanya. Kama nafasi ni 3 hata mkiomba 100 uwezekano wa kuitwa kwenye usaili (interview) ni watu 6 tu' ili katika hao 6 wapatikane watatu watakaoajiriwa (sawa na 50% ya waliodahiliwa). Sasa Idara ya Uhamiaji wakaamua kwa makusudi kuvunja rekodi ya China na kuiweka Tanzania kwenye kilele. Wakati China ikipigiwa kelele kwa kuweka uwiano wa asilimia 5%, Uhamiaji wao wakaenda mbali zaidi kwa kuweka uwiano wa asilimia 0.64% Hali hii iliwafanya Watanzania wengi kulaani mfumo huu wa usaili uliotumiwa na idara ya UHAMIAJI kwa sababu kuu mbili.

 Kwanza ni mfumo wa udhalilishaji. Huwezi kuwakusanya wasomi kwenye uwanja wa mpira kama magunia ya vitunguu ili wafanye usaili wa kazi. Aina hii ya usaili ilikiuka misingi ya utu (it was agaist human dignity). Pili usaili huu ulizidi kudhoofisha hali ngumu za kiuchumi walizonazo vijana hawa. Gharama za nauli (kwa waliotoka mikoani), malazi na chakula walizotumia ni wizi wa kusadikika uliofanywa na serikali (ya CCM). 

Ikiwa kila kijana alitumia wastani wa 150,000/= kama gharama za nauli, malazi na chakula kwa siku alizokaa Dar, ukizidisha kwa watu 10,000 utapata jumla ya shilingi Billion Moja na milioni mia tano (1.5 billlios). Fedha hizi ni nyingi kuliko fedha zote za miradi ya maendeleo kwenye wizara ya Afrika Mashariki. Ni nyingi kuliko madai ya askari Magereza wote nchini. Askari magereza wanadai jumla ya bilioni 1.2 ikiwa ni malimbikizo ya posho zao mbalimbali, ghamama za uhamisho n.k. Hebu fikiria vijana wasio na kazi wala chanzo chochote cha mapato unawapora Bilioni moja na milioni mia tano, kwa kisingizio cha kuwaita kwenye usaili.!!! Tena usaili wenyewe uwezekano wa kupata kazi ni chini ya asilimia moja (1%).!!! Huu mi uhuni na ukatili usioweza kuvumilika.

Mbaya zaidi ukatili huu umefanywa kwa makusudi na serikali (ya CCM). Lakini wakati hayo yote yakiendelea kuna kioja kingine kikubwa kimetokea. Lakini hakijasikika sana labda kwa kuwa kila mtu alikua "busy" na kioja cha idara ya UHAMIAJI. Kioja chenyewe ni hiki. Menejimenti ya utumishi wa umma ilitangaza nafasi za kazi. Vijana zaidi ya 4,000 wakaomba nafasi mbalimbali zilizotangazwa.

Wote wakaitwa kwenye usaili. Usaili wenyewe ulikua juz (jumamosi) pale chuo cha Mwl.Nyerere Kigamboni. Hakuna aliyedhani kama UTUMISHI wangeweza kurudia makosa ya UHAMIAJI. Lakini kilichotokea ni kinyume chake. Idadi ya watu haikua kubwa sana kama ile ya Uhamiaji lakini nafasi zilikua chache zaidi ya zile za Uhamiaji. 

Kwa mfano nafasi ya maafisa maendeleo ya Jamii (Community Dev.Officers) iliombwa na watu 716, walioshiriki usaili jana ni watu 564. Lakini nafasi za kazi (vacancy) kwa maafisa maendeleo ya jamii zilikua mbili tu. Hii inamaanisha kuwa vijana wote 564 waliofanya usaili jana kwenye nafasi ya maafisa maendeleo ya jamii, walikua wanapigania nafasi mbili tu za ajira. Huu ni uwiano wa 0.35% au 1/282. Yani kati ya watu 282 waliofanya usaili ataajiriwa mmoja, halafu mwingine mmoja atapatikana kati ya 282 waliosalia. Hii ni sawa na kusema vijana wote walioshiriki usaili huu kwenye nafasi tajwa hapo juu wana uhakika wa kupata ajira kwa 0.35% na uhakika wa kukosa ni 99.65%.

 Hiki ni kiwango cha juu zaidi ukilinganisha na kile cha UHAMIJAJI ambako uhakika wa kupata ajira ulikua angalau 0.64% na kukosa 99.36%. Hii inamaanisha kuwa UTUMISHI wamevunja rekodi ya dunia iliyowekwa na idara Uhamiaji. Kwa lugha rahisi ni kuwa Uhamiaji walishikilia rekodi kwa siku moja tu kisha Utumishi wakaivunja. 

Hivyo basi napenda kuchukua fursa hii kutangaza kuwa Menejimenti ya UTUMISHI WA UMMA nchini Tanzania kwa sasa ndiyo inayoshikilia rekodi ya dunia ya kufanya usaili wa kazi wa hovyo kuliko usaili mwingine wowote uliopata kutokea duniani (The world most ridiculous job interview). Hongera idara ya Utumushi kwa kupata nafasi hiyo. Pongezi kwa mama Hawa Ghasia na serikali nzima (ya CCM) kwa kutekeleza vema Ilani ya chama chenu. Ama kweli ukistaajabu ya UHAMIAJI utayaona ya UTUMISHI.  Analysis  from post by Blood Hurricane JF member 

My Take. 
Japo tatizo la AJIRA laweza kuonekana kubwa lakini ukubwa huu ukiangalia kwa mtazamo chanya ni FURSA pia, katika kila CHANGAMOTO kuna FURSA ndani yake, na CHANGAMOTO inapokuwa kubwa zaidi FURSA inakuwa kubwa zaidi na yeyote atakaye weza kutafuta na kupata ufumbuzi kwa tatizo hilo upata mafanikio makubwa zaidi. 

Naamini hii ni FURSA kubwa sana inahitaji CREATIVE MIND kuunganisha mtandao huu na kufanya muujiza wa karne,  WE CAN DO IT. 

Nitafafanua kwa kina zaidi katika post zitakazo fuata. 


May 23, 2014



"People with weakened immune systems as well as those with a second or subsequent dengue infection are believed to be at greater risk for developing dengue hemorrhagic fever."

Dengue Fever

Dengue (pronounced DENgee) fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses. These viruses are related to the viruses that cause West Nile infection and yellow fever.

"Dengue fever is ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most important mosquito-borne viral disease in the world - and the most rapidly spreading - with a 30-fold increase in global incidence over the past 50 years."

Over 2.5 billion people, more than 30% of the world’s population, in over 100 countries are at risk of infection; the most significant epidemics recently occurring in Southeast Asia, the Americas and the Western Pacific. Each year an estimated 390 million dengue infections occur with 500,000 of these developing into dengue haemorrhagic fever, a more severe form of the disease, which results in up to 25,000 deaths annually worldwide. Most of these are in tropical areas of the world, with the greatest risk occurring in:

·         The Indian subcontinent
·         Southeast Asia
·         Southern China
·         Taiwan
·         The Pacific Islands
·         The Caribbean (except Cuba and the Cayman Islands)
·         Mexico
·         Africa
·         Central and South America (except Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina)

Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. The mosquito becomes infected when it bites a person with dengue virus in their blood. It can’t be spread directly from one person to another person.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may include

Ø  Sudden, high fever
Ø  Severe headaches
Ø  Pain behind the eyes
Ø  Severe joint and muscle pain
Ø  Nausea
Ø  Vomiting
Ø  Skin rash, which appears three to four days after the onset of fever
Ø  Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising)

Sometimes symptoms are mild and can be mistaken for those of the flu or another viral infection. Younger children and people who have never had the infection before tend to have milder cases than older children and adults. However, serious problems can develop. These include dengue hemorrhagic fever, a rare complication characterized by high fever, damage to lymph and blood vessels, bleeding from the nose and gums, enlargement of the liver, and failure of the circulatory system. The symptoms may progress to massive bleeding, shock, and death. This is called dengue shock syndrome (DSS).

People with weakened immune systems as well as those with a second or subsequent dengue infection are believed to be at greater risk for developing dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Diagnosing Dengue Fever
Doctors can diagnose dengue infection with a blood test to check for the virus or antibodies to it. If you become sick after traveling to a tropical area, let your doctor know. This will allow your doctor to evaluate the possibility that your symptoms were caused by a dengue infection.

Treatment for Dengue Fever
There is no specific medicine to treat dengue infection. If you think you may have dengue fever, you should use pain relievers with acetaminophen and avoid medicines with aspirin, which could worsen bleeding. You should also rest, drink plenty of fluids, and see your doctor. If you start to feel worse in the first 24 hours after your fever goes down, you should get to a hospital immediately to be checked for complications.

Homa ya Dengue

Homa ya dengue ni ugonjwa unaosababishwa na kirusi ambacho kinaenezwa na mbu wa aina ya Aedes.

Dengue in ugonjwa uliosambaa duniani katika nchi za ukanda wa joto. Takribani asilimia 40 ya watu wote duniani wanaishi katika nchi zenye ugonjwa huu. Takwimu za Shirika la Afya Duniani zinathibitisha kuwa takribani matukio milioni 5 ya Dengue yanatolewa taarifa kila mwaka. Watu laki 5 hulazwa hospitali kwa kuathirika na Dengue kali. Homa ya Dengue imeshatokea katika nchi zipatazo 34 barani Afrika.

Hapa Afrika Dengue ni ugonjwa unaojulikana kwa kiwango kidogo sana. Licha ya kwamba milipuko ya kwanza imetokea tangu mwanzoni wa karne ya 19. Matukio ya Ugonjwa huu yameongezeka Afrika tangu miaka ya 1980, matukio mengi yakitokea nchi za ukanda wa Mashariki mwa Afrika ikiwa ni pamoja na Msumbiji, Somalia, Kenya, Komoro, Djibouti na Tanzania. Ikumbukwe kuwa jina “Dengue” linatokana na neno “Dinga” la kiswahili linalolomaanisha ugonjwa unaotakana na pepo yaani Kudinga pepo. Mabaharia wa Kispanish walipokuja kwenye pwani ya Afrika Mashariki walirudi kwao na kuuita “Dengue”.

Dalili za ugonjwa huu ni homa, kuumwa kichwa, maumivu ya viungo na uchovu Dalili hizi huanza kujitokeza kuanzia katisiku ya 3 na 14 tangu mtu alipoambukizwa kirusi cha homa ya dengue. Kwa wakati mwinginedalili za ugonjwa huu zinaweza kufanana sana na dalili za malaria, hivyo basi wananchi wanaombwa kuwa wakati wakipata homa kuhakikisha wanapima ili kugundua kama wana vimelea vya malaria ua la ili hatua stahiki zichukuliwe.

Kuna aina 3 tofauti za namna ugonjwa huu unavyoweza kujitokeza iwapo mtu aking`atwa na mbu mwenye virusi hivi;

i.Homa ya dengue (Dengue Febrile Illness): Aina hii huambatanana dalili kuu tatu za homa kali ya ghafla, kuumwa kichwa na maumivu ya viungo au uchovu.Aidha, kwa Tanzania mpaka sasa zaidi ya asilimia 90 ya wagonjwa wamejitokeza na dalili hizi.

ii.Dengue ya damu (Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever): Aina hii yahoma ya dengue huambatana na dalili za mgonjwa kutokwa na damu kwenye fizi au puani, vile vile kutokwa na damu chini ya ngozi.Iwapo mgonjwa huyu ataumia sehemu yoyote ni rahisi kwake kupoteza damu nyingi kupitia kwenye michubuko.

iii.Dengue ya kupoteza fahamu (Dengue Shock syndrome): Aina hii ya homa ya dengue huambatana na mgonjwa kupoteza damu nyingi ambayo hupelekea mgonjwakupoteza fahamu. Dalili hizi zimeonekana kwa mgonjwa 1 kati ya wagonjwa 400 waliokwisha kuthibitishwa kuwa na ugonjwa hapa nchini.

Kirusi cha homa ya Dengue kinaambukizwa kutoka mtu mmoja hadi mwingine kwa kuumwa na mbu wa Jamii ya Aedes, na hasa Aedes aegypti. Mbu huyu anaishi katika mazingira ya makazi ya binadamu. Huuma wakati ya mchana ndani ya nyumba au kwenye maeneo yenye vivuli, hususani majira ya asubuhi na jioni kabla jua halijazama.

Mbu huyu anazaliana katika maji yaliyotuama hasa kwenye vyombo vya nyumbani, makinga maji ya paa za nyumba, matairi ya gari, ndoo, vikopo, na kadhalika. Kwa bahati mbaya mbu huyu huweza kuzaliana katika vifaa vidogo vidogo ambavyo watu wengi huvidharau. Hivi ni pamoja na makopo ya kuotesha maua, vikombe, vifuu vya nazi, na kadhalika. Majani mapana yanayohifadhi maji ni mazingira mazuri kwa kuzaliana kwa mbu huyu, hivyo maeneo ya bustani siyo ajabu kuwa mahali pazuri kwa mbu hawa.

Ugonjwa huu hauambukizi kwa kumhudumia mgonjwa au kugusa majimaji yanayotoka kwa mgonjwa. Homa ya dengue inaweza kutibika kama mgonjwa atapelekwa hospitali mapema na kupatiwa matibabu ya haraka.Hakuna dawa maalumu ya ugonjwa wala chanjo bali mgonjwa anatibiwa kutokana nadalili zitakazoambatana na ugonjwa huu kama vile homa, kupungukiwa maji au damu. Endapo mgonjwa atachelewa kupatiwa matibabu, mgonjwa anaweza kupoteza maisha.

Jinsi ya kujikinga na ugonjwa wa homa ya dengue 
Wizara ya Afya inapendekeza njia mbalimbali za kujikinga na homa hii kama zilivyoainishwa hapa chini:
  • Kuangamiza mazalio ya mbu 
  • Fukia madimbwi ya maji yaliyotuamaau nyunyuzia viuatilifu vya kuua viluwiluwivya mbu kwenye madimbwi hayo 
  • Ondoa vitu vyote vinavyoweza kuweka mazalio ya mbu kama vile: vifuu vya nazi, makopo, magurudumu ya magari yaliyotupwa hovyo, nk. 
  • Fyeka vichaka vilivyo karibu na makazi ya watu 
  • Hakikisha maua yandayopandwa kwenye makopo au ndoo hayaruhusu maji kutuama 
  • Funika mashimo ya maji takakwa mfuniko imara 
  • Safisha gata za paa la nyumba ili kutoruhusu maji kutuama  
  • Kujikinga na kuumwa na mbu 
  • Tumia viuatilifu vya kufukuza mbu “mosquito repellants” 
  • Vaa nguo ndefu kujikinga na kuumwa na mbu 
  • Tumia vyandarua vilivyosindikwa viuatilifu (kwa wale wanaolala majira ya mchana na hasa kwa watoto)

  •  Weka nyavu kwenye madirisha na milango ya nyumba za kuishi 
Japokuwa njia hizi zinasaidia kwa kiasi fulani kujikinga na homa hii, njia bora zaidi ni kuhakikisha kuwa kinga yako inakuwa juu sikuzote, kwani mbu huyu anaweza kuwauma watu wengi lakini ni kwanini ni wewe tu ndio unapata maambukizi? jibu ni kuwa sababu kinga yako iko chini, wataalamu wa afya wanasema kuwa watu walio katika hatari kubwa ya kupata homa kali ya Dengue ni wale wenye kinga dhaifu, sasa si rahisi kujua kama wewe au familia yako mna kinga dhaifu au la, chukua taadhari sasa, wapo walioshauriwa kunywa majani ya mpapai, ili kupandisha kinga zao, japo changamoto ni jinsi ya kuandaa majani hayo, kwani waweza tengeneza sumu, njia rahisi na salama zaidi ni kutumia EDMARK's  SPLINA LIQUID  CHLOROPHYLLY.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS It is very high in RNA and DNA and has been found to protect against the effects of UV radiation.

INCREASES BLOOD COUNTS Assists red blood cell generation to ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell renewal. It helps to either cool or warm the body and adapt to environmental changes.

BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Accelerates tissue cell activity and normal re-growth of cells to help the body heal faster.

INCREASES OXYGEN SUPPLY IN THE BLOOD This helps maintain optimum blood flow all throughout the body, and regulates blood pressure to healthy levels.

REDUCES WRINKLES AND AGING The results are smoother skin, clearer complexion and youthful looks.

SPLINA LIQUID Inapatikana katika baadhi ya maduka ya dawa hapa Dar kama. 
- We Care Pharmacy - Kibo Complex, Tegeta Kibaoni
- Rhode Pharmacy - Kariakoo, Kona Mtaa wa Kipata na Kongo
- Megido Pharmacy - Nyuma ya Klabu ya Simba.

Tunatafuta wasambazaji nchi nzima, ikiwa una duka na ungependa kuwa na bidhaa za Edmark wasiliana nasi kwa email:brwebangira@gmail.com, Cell 0784475576.

NB: Bidhaa zote za Edmark zimethibitishwa na ISO 22000-2005, HALAL, GMP na TFDA.

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